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Five tips for looking younger, and how to fight aging!

Updated: Mar 30

Over the past year I’ve made changes to skincare, make up, and lifestyle. As a result, I am having more and more people tell me that I’ve had that glow up. Most people assume I‘m between the ages of 28-32 when I’m actually 36 going on 37 later this year.

Ok, so let’s get to it! Here are my tips for keeping that youthful glow. For more details, you can check out my IGtv here!

1) Start implementing a good skincare routine! I personally make sure I use a vitamin c serum, ferulic acid, and a glycolic peel. Consistency is key here!

2) Break up with your black eyeliner! I ditched the eyeliner and subbed it for set of falsies, and light mascara on my bottom lashes. Bonus*brush up your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush to make your eyes appear more awake and your face lifted.

3) Always have a dewy glow! I always make sure I have a tan (well spray tan) , and if that’s not your thing try using tanning drops for your face or a bronzer to warm things up. I also apply a serum under my foundation for a more dewy look! I’ve also ditched my setting powder this year. No matte looks for this girl!

4) Limit your alcohol consumption! This year I cut back on my alcohol intake A LOT! Yes, I still love a glass of wine, a cocktail when I’m out at dinner with friends, and I’ve over indulged a couple times. The point is, it’s not something I do on a weekly basis. We all know alcohol ages you, and cutting back has made the biggest difference in my appearance. Have you ever seen that show intervention? The patients look like a whole new person when they come out of rehab. Of course things won‘t be that drastic, but you will see MAJOR improvements in your body!

5) Last but not least...get you some SLEEP! I know my mom friends are rolling their eyes right now..lol, but for those who‘s life allows...get it in while you can! It’s a no brainer that reducing the appearance of bags under your eyes will make you appear more youthful. I hope you found these tips helpful! Here’s to us all looking like we’re J.lo when we’re 50!!!


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