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Last minute gifts for Men

Christmas will be here in just a few days!!!! I know I still have some last minute gifts to get and I'm sure you do too. Let's face it, going to the mall can be hell right now (I know, I work there..lol), so I've put together some last minute gifts that you can order from your couch and will still arrive in time for Christmas. These are all really practical gifts that I know every man will love no matter his style.

1)I feel like all men love leather accessories. There is a huge trend of people who now work remote and this leather back pack is perfect to carry a laptop in, but still look polished and professional.

2) So this next gift is a little bit of his and hers. Gil soaks in Epsom salt a few times a week, and he always listens to a podcast while in the tub. This waterproof speaker will allow him to still listen to Joe Rogan without having to place his phone close to the water. I also love to sing in the shower, so this gift is a win for me too!

3) Men are way more into their vehicles than women in my opinion, and they also like to carry really practical things like tools in them. How cool is this trunk organizer? If you're man is really outdoorsy or if you're local and like to drive your car onto the beach, this would be so handy!

4) This next gift is a great addition to any tool kit. How great would it be to not have someone have to hand you your nails or screws when working on a project? I have something similar to this magnetic wristband that holds all my pins and needles when I sew. It is so convenient and a lifesaver.

5) The coffee mug warmer was also on my wish list. I originally heard about it on the Skinny Confidential's podcast, and have been thinking about it ever since. No more wasted coffee because you didn't drink it fast enough or warming it back up in the microwave. I'm guilty of both of these.

6) Gil has never worn any shirts more than his custom tees and polos from Son of a Tailor. Since these are custom, gift cards are the best way to give this personalized gift. Part of the fun was measuring Gil for his shirts after I gave him the gift card. He honestly felt so fancy..lol. Right now you can still order e-gift cards (this is 2018) that can be sent directly to their email.


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