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Tips to Shop Forever 21 like a Pro

Hey girl heyyyyyy! Let me start by saying if you're new to the blog, this space is dedicated to nothing but AFFORDABLE FASHION. In the past, I've been lucky to enough to have had jobs that provided me with a "clothing allowance." This meant I received a lot of nice boutique brand clothes for free. As I did get to experience and appreciate well made clothes, I had lost all sense of reality as to what is affordable to most people. Even my friends stopped asking me where my clothes were from because they knew they were not going to drop a pretty penny on a dress. After switching jobs, I had to say goodbye to my lavish wardrobe and begin to shop just like everyone else (I know...poor me). I quickly learned that I was very frugal when it came to spending my own money, and I was always hunting for a deal but I didn't want my sense of style to take a backseat. So needless to say, this is how I decided I was going to brand Erin Lynn Style! 

Button down dress

Ok, so let's get to why you're really here. Forever 21, hands down is  one of the best retailers in the game for affordable fashion. However, sometimes their stores want to give you an anxiety attack, and I'm here to try and make sure that doesn't happen to you anymore!

Here are my tips to having a successful Forever 21 shopping experience:

1) Know your own personal style! This is crucial. F21 is divided up into different "concepts", meaning that each room or area is designed to specifically target a certain type of customer. When you know what you like and what you don't, you only have to shop a portion of the store. So if you're not into bodycon dresses and "clubbing" type clothes...SKIP that area of the store. Every concept also has a list of "key items" that will land only in that area of the store (this makes it easier for their employees to put back the clothes that have been tried on in the fitting room). So if you're looking for a camo jacket...it will only be in ONE area. No need to search the entire store. 

2) Have a game plan. I always try and have an idea of what I want to buy. F21 also groups their items by garment type on the racks. If you know you want a maxi dress all you have to do is go to the one or two areas specifically designated for maxis. I also go on their website prior to shopping in-store just to get inspired. 

3) Sign up for their email list. Yes I know getting an inbox full of spammy emails can be annoying, but if it means you're going to get a deal...it's worth it! Their best sale which happens around holidays is the "extra 50% off sale items." Besides around holidays, they do this sale in February and you do NOT want to miss this sale. I literally go crazy stocking up at this time. All of their sweaters, leather jackets, booties are all around $7 and less (not an exaggeration) and it is still REALLY cold this time of year so it's not like you're buying clothes you have to wait to wear. 

4) Be patient. Don't go in if you have somewhere to be and you're in a rush. Sometimes you have to dig to find the real gems, but if you go in with an idea of what you're searching for....those items will stick out to you. 

5) Be picky about the fabrics you purchase. Just because it's inexpensive does not mean it only has to last one wear. I know some people may disagree with me, but I try to stay away from  cotton (besides tees and denim). Cotton shrinks, and I'm just not about that life. I try and stick with polyester or rayon because it washes the best. 

I really hope all of these tips help, and as always feel free to email me or DM me with any comments or questions! Dress is linked in the first pic! 



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