• Erin Foley

Three Ways to Wear: How I maximize my wardrobe by creating new ways to style specific pieces.

We all know the feeling of looking in our closet and feeling like you have NOTHING to wear. In the age of social media, we all feel like we’re celebrities and it would be a fashion crime to wear something you have been photographed in AGAIN!  

    Well the reality is, we’re not celebrities and we definitely don’t have the bank account of one. Therefore, rewearing items in our closet multiple times is a must. Well don’t worry, I got you girl. I’m here to give you a couple tips on how to re-style items you already own to make them feel fresh again! 

1) Throw on a denim or leather jacket. Depending on the cut of the jacket, this can either give your outfit a classic feel or an edgy vibe if you decide to go with a oversized boyfriend cut. Right now, I’m all about styling denim jackets off the shoulder to create a cool and casual look.

2) LAYERING! Layering a white or graphic tee under a dress totally transforms the entire outfit. It instantly gives what would normally be a “dressed up” look a more casual feel. Throw on a pair of your favorite sneakers and you instantly have a cute outfit for daytime. 

3) Similar to styling option #1, a leather jacket is always a great option. Leather jackets are great for creating a downtown edgy look. Elevate your look by draping the jacket over your shoulders instead of putting your arms through the sleeves. 

4) Let’s not forget about jewelry and accessories. Hats, statement earrings, and my favorite...neck scarves are all ways to add a little something extra to your favorite go-to outfit. 

I hope these tips have inspired you to look at your closet in a whole new light! Don’t be afraid to experiment or try something that is out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised by the positive feedback you receive! Be appreciative of what you have, and don’t feed into the pressure of constantly needing something new. 


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