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How I got over my fear of shooting photos in public and the editing apps I can't live without!

A couple months ago, I joined a few Facebook groups for bloggers (shoutout to my Blogdoo Babes). Since I'm relatively new to the blogging world, I thought these groups could be very beneficial in learning the ins and outs of the business. I have learned so much from the ladies in these groups, and love the sense of community! After awhile, I had members starting to ask me for advice. I was so shocked. "You want advice from me????" I'm still trying to figure things out for myself.

The two most common questions I get asked are 1) Do I take my own photos?" and 2) How do I edit my photos? So here I am to answer both of those questions!

Let's start off with question number one, YES I shoot all of my own photos. If you caught my instastory this past weekend, I gave y'all a little glimpse into an average day of me shooting. I take all of my photos on my iphone and a tripod I purchased from Walmart. I am by no means rich, and so dropping a couple hundred dollars on a camera when I wanted to start a blog was out of the question. I also work 40 hours a week so finding time is also a struggle. I shoot on my lunch break or take 30 minutes after work. However, I have never let either of those things stop me.

Now let's get to the part that makes EVERYONE realllllllll uncomfortable, shooting in public. I shoot my pics on pretty much a daily basis all over the downtown area of where I live, and I get stares all of the time. It took about an entire year to finally not care what people thought of me. You know the saying "practice makes perfect", well that definitely applies to photographing yourself. The more you practice, the better you get at knowing your angles and what kind of vibe you like to portray in your photos. I like to shoot with my front faceing camera so I can see exactly what I look like. I also recommend shooting in alley ways or some other closed off area at first. You are still in public, but you do not have a million eyes on you. After awhile, your confidence will rise and you'll be shooting like a pro!

Finally, here is a list of all of the editing apps I like to use: *I do NOT use all of these on one photo!!!!

1) Snapseed: this is great for overall editing (brightness, contrast, lightening just the background, adjusting the perspective)

2) You cam Makeup: No I don't put fake make up on, but your girl is in her mid 30s and I need to tweak those eye bags or remove a blemish once in awhile. #sorrynotsorry

3) Retouch: This is great for removing unwanted objects from your picture. I highly recommend this app.

4) Lightroom. I use mobile presets and this has been a GAME CHANGER on the entire aesthetic of my feed. Lots of bloggers are selling their presets, and it is worth the investment. I wish I would have jumped on the bandwagon sooner.

I hope this post has helped to inspire you! Whether you're debating starting a blog or just need a little confidence boost to get out there and start doing what you love. Feel free to email or DM me with any questions!




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