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Give New Life to Your Denim Jacket

Do you ever see a really rad tee at the store, but never buy it because A) You're just not a t-shirt and jeans type of gal or B) You have wayyyy too many t-shirts and you don't need to add another to the collection? Well I'm right there with ya.

So the other day, this Madonna t-shirt came into my life and I HAD TO HAVE IT! Not only was it a Madonna t-shirt, but it was the cover to her True Blue album which was the first Madonna album I ever listened to ( I was a really cool 4 year old). There was only one problem. The shirt was a boxy Men's fit, and I knew I would never wear it. What was I going to do, this shirt was meant to be?! Luckily, my co-worker had a BRILLIANT idea to put the shirt on the back of a

denim jacket. Ummm duh, Erin. Why didn't I think of that? #facepalm

Now I didn't want to use my go-to denim jacket, so I purchased one I found on sale for $15. I also wanted to jazz it up a bit with some chains I purchased from the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby (got to use that 40% off coupon). Total time to customize the jacket was approximately one hour. This will take less time if you decide not to hand stitch any additional detail.

I was so pumped about making my jacket I kinda forgot to document it, but here are the steps below:

1) Cut screen print of t-shirt out. Leave 1/2 inch around the edge to fold under to ensure you don't have the raw edge showing.

2) Line the t-shirt up with the bottom of the jacket first, and start pinning using straight pins. Pin around the entire circumference of the shirt (edges tucked) to hold the shirt in place.

3) Now it's time to sew! I used a sewing machine on my jacket utilizing a zig zag stitch, but it would also be very easy and just as cool to hand stitch the edges using a loop stitch.

4) And that's it...you're finished! You can continue to customize at this point using chains, studs, spikes, pearls, just have fun with it!

Below are links to some tees, and the chain I used.

Nickel Fine Chain, $9.99

The Madonna shirt I used is currently available at H&M in-store only. As soon as it becomes available online I will share the link! Feel free to email at erin@erinlynnstyle.com with any questions or if you would like me to customize a jacket for you!




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