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The most effortless diy denim tutorial that everyone can do.

Hey guys! I'm super excited to share this denim tutorial with you. The majority of the distressed denim I own, I did myself. I usually get a lot of compliments on my denim, but feel like people are always really disappointed when they find out I did it myself and they can't go out and purchase the same pair. That reaction really bums me out because I want to inspire people to  get creative, and show them how easy it is to get fun and trendy denim! (and cheap, did I mention cheap?!)

I'm pretty sure all of us have lived through our own DIY Pinterest fail. I really wanted to make sure this  tutorial is almost 100% fail proof!  I also wanted to show a realistic version of a diy, with no fancy tools, and no real skill involved. So let's get started!

This season we have seen the return of the denim skirt, and this was a trend I could fully support. I came across this skirt a few months ago while out shopping for $7.00. I loved the wash, but the length was ALL sorts of wrong for me. The price was too good to pass up, so I purchased anyways knowing I would later make some alterations.

1) The first thing I wanted to do

before I got started was find some inspiration. The word inspiration is KEY when distressing denim. It's always going to come out different depending on the weight of the denim and how it was pre-treated, so do not put that much pressure on yourself to get an exact match! Here's my inspo  via Pinterest. I loved the asymmetrical detail, and that is really what I wanted to replicate.

2) Measure the length you want your skirt. I did not have a ruler on hand, and I'm kinda lazy so I grabbed a pair of my favorite shorts and laid them on top of the skirt. You'll want to add an extra inch from your desired length for any fray details.

3) Time to start cutting! I wanted an asymmetrical skirt, so I folded the skirt up at an angle and cut along the line. 

4)Next, start distressing the hem. I also didn't have any sandpaper on hand (go figure) to rough up the edges, nor was I going to make a trip to the store to purchase any  so

I decided to use my scissors. Cut straight vertical lines along the bottom (feel free to play with the length of the cuts). This will help the denim fray in the wash. 

5) Now it's time to customize! This is the fun part where there is NO right or wrong way.You will need something to insert in the inside your denim so you do not cut through the other side. Cardboard works great, but use whatever you have laying around. I went with a catalog I received in the mail.

Use a razor blade or scissors to cut slits in the denim. Place these slits wherever you would like, I prefer to make multiple slits on both sides of the skirt. I also like to use my  scissors to cut additional pieces out of the skirt to play with hem. Some people also like to scrape a cheese grater across their denim which I also highly recommend. Again, there is no right or wrong way to do this, just have fun! Don't over think it. You want denim with holes in the knees? Take your razor and cut a slit across the knees of your denim, it's that easy!

6) We are finished, and now it's time to wash and dry. I always wash in cold and dry on medium heat. This a step you can not skip because it's where all the magic happens. 

7) Finally, the finished product!!! I love the way this skirt turned out. I will definitely wear this a  lot more now. Can't wait to see what it looks like after a few more washes.

Hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial, and it's helped inpire you to distress your own pair! If you're still unsure practice on a pair of old denim. You have nothing to lose! Once you distress your first pair, you'll be hooked. 


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