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The Ultimate wardrobe GAME CHANGER

A few months ago, I made the BEST decision and decided to sign up for Rent the Runway's Unlimited Program. If you're not familiar with Rent the Runway, it's a website that allows you to rent designer clothing and accessories at an affordable price. In the past, it was mainly used by women to rent dresses for special events. Now, women use it to rent their everyday wardrobe!

So here's the scoop, the program is $139 a month ($148 after tax) and you get to rent 3 items at a time for any given length, shipping and dry cleaning are also included in the price. Let's stop right here and discuss. At first I was hesitant to add yet another thing to my monthly bills, like I've said I'm a girl on a budget. I'm also a shopaholic who always wants something new. I went back through my bank statements, and realized that I was already spending this amount at Forever 21, H&M, and other more affordable retailers each month on items that may wear only a handful of times. So that was it, that was the deciding factor. I knew I could actually afford it, if I cut out shopping and stuck to renting. Remember Jennifer Hudson's character in the Sex and the City Movie, and how she rented all of her handbags? Yep, that's totally me now....and I'm loving it!

I'm sure y'all have more questions about this program, so here's a little Q&A to help:

1) Q: " I only get 3 items per delivery and there are more than three days in a week. What am I wearing the rest of the week?"

A: When signing up for this program it is very important that you already have a wardrobe built of essential items to mix and match with your rentals. Meaning, make sure you OWN a great leather jacket, denim, a white tee, etc. Let's also be REAL honest here and admit that most of us are running around town in gym clothes most of the time anyways, so you always have that to fall back on.

2) Q: "When will I get my items? How fast is shipping?"

A: I'm located in NC and the items ship from New Jersey. For me, it takes no longer than 3 days for the items to arrive and about the same amount of time for the items to ship back to the warehouse. On average, I rent 6-9 items a month depending on how long I decide to keep each piece. Oh yeah, did I mention that you don't have to send all 3 items back at one time? Say you get an item, and you're not really feeling it, or you just loved something so much you wanted to wear it again...you can send back that one piece and keep the other two or the other way around. I LOVE this feature.

3) Q: " What if I damage the item?"

A: You do have "insurance" with the program. They cover repairable damages. If a button falls off, that can be fixed but please do not send the item back in shreds. If the damage is severe, the fee is the retail price of the item. Treat the clothes with the same respect as if you were borrowing from your best friend.

4) Q: "Is it easy to cancel?'

A: Yes, cancel anytime...but why would you want too?!

5) "What is the selection of clothes like?"

A: The selection is GREAT! There are so many designers to choose from and items to rent for every occasion ranging from everyday to formal wear. Handbags and accessories are also available to rent. TIP: Read the reviews before renting to ensure that particular item is right for you regarding fit and overall comfort.

So are you ready to gain access to your new UNLIMITED wardrobe??? Again, this program is a total game changer and you will NOT regret signing up. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me or leave a comment on my Facebook or Instagram.

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