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Wear what makes YOU feel good

About two months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a girl named Molly. She was in town supporting a store opening for the company we both work for. Not only was she one of the sweetest people I have ever met, but she had rad style. One day she came to work wearing a pair of lightening bolt earrings. I loved them on her, but this was an item I never would have picked for myself. A few weeks later, I stumbled upon this pair of earrings pictured above, and I was so inspired by her that I decided to get them.

Ummm, can we say BEST purchase ever?! This one pair of earrings totally took this outfit to the NEXT LEVEL. Even my photographer commented on how much confidence I exuded when we shot this outfit in comparison to the others. She could tell I felt amazing. This what I love about fashion. Finding inspiration from someone or something and totally making it our own.

As long as I can remember people have been coming up to me saying " You look so cute, but I could NEVER pull that off." My hopes for this blog is to help inspire each of you to find your OWN style, break out of your comfort zone, and build the confidence to wear what makes YOU happy.

Outfit details: Hat and Sunnies Forever 21; Earrings: H&M; Bodysuit: H&M; Pants: H&M; Jacket: Kmart (no really, it is!)


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