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Last minute gifts for Men

Christmas will be here in just a few days!!!! I know I still have some last minute gifts to get and I'm sure you do too. Let's face it, going to the mall can be hell right now (I know, I work, so I've put together some last minute gifts that you can order from your couch and will still arrive in time for Christmas. These are all really practical gifts that I know every man will love no matter his style. 1)I feel like all men love leather accessories. There is a huge trend of people who now work remote and this leather back pack is perfect to carry a laptop in, but still look polished and professional. 2) So this next gift is a little bit of his and hers. Gil soaks in Epsom salt

My Personal Wish list: 11 gifts you didn’t know you needed

Right now is the time of year when every blogger is sharing all of their gift guides for every different person in your life. As I do think those are very helpful, I personally do not know what to get the “fitness lover” or “bossbabe” in your life.” I DO know what I want for Christmas this year, and chances are if I want it someone else probably does too. So here it is, my 2018 Christmas wish list. Knit Cardigan Chunky knit Throw Pregnancy Pillow ExfoliKate Glow Recipe mask Oil Cleanser Walnut Scrub Instant Pot Face massage Coffee mug warmer The Wave by Purewine #giftguide #giftsforher #holidayshopping

The BEST Sweater Dresses that DON’T Break the Bank

Rain or Shine Sweater Dress With every word Sweater Tan Roll neck Midi Dress High neck jumper Off the shoulder sweater dress Off Shoulder knitted jumper Velvet Sweater Dress Rollneck Jumper Dress Sweater Dress Cuddles Sweater Dress One of my best friends texted me and said she was on the hunt for a sweater dress, but couldn’t find any in-store. She gave me her budget, and just like that I sent her a selection of dresses to fit her needs! I always post from brands that I personally shop from, so I know I’m recommending good products that I either already own or would purchase myself. If y’all ever have an item you are specifically looking for please feel free to reach out to me anytime, and I