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Striped Jumpsuit

Y’all, how cute is this jumpsuit??!!!! The minute I saw it, I knew I HAD to have it. I’m really into items that look like overalls, but doesn’t require a shirt underneath (although this would be super cute layered with an off the shoulder time perhaps). I loved this piece so much, I literally paid for it and changed into it in the fitting room to wear the rest of the day. Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?! Sold yet? Because you should be! Striped Jumpsuit

Keep Burning: Why you need to checkout the NEW Orangetheory Fitness South.

If you watch my stories on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently took a class at the new Orangetheory Fitness South  located at the Barclay Center in Wilmington. You will also know that I was REALLY nervous about going. It sounds silly thinking back on it now, but I legit had the worst anxiety about it. I took a look at their Instagram and website to get an idea of what was in store, and all I could think was “this workout looks so intense, I think I might die.” Now if you're not familiar with Orangetheory , let me explain. It's a 60 minute workout split into intervals of cardio and strength training. You'll wear  a heart rate monitor throughout the class which helps track intensity and ove